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1. What type of plotter paper exists?
There are several types of plotter paper, the most important being:
- White Paper or recycled without glue: used mainly in manual cutting tables and attached to the fabrics or knitwear with pins or other manual method.
- White Paper or recycled with glue: used for manual or semi-automatic cutting tables and attached to the fabrics or knitwear by action of heat.

2. What is the SK paper?
It is a Semi-kraft paper, used to separate fabrics or knitwear and also to place between the spreading or cutting table and the
fabric or knitwear. It is suitable to facilitate the sliding of the fabric or knitwear on the cutting table.

3. Which are the sulphite or silk paper cuttings?
The sulfite or silk paper is used to package clothing and footwear items. For these sectors, there are standardized cuttings.

4. What is the maximum width of the machine?

5. Is it possible to place global orders (annual, biannual, etc) with phased deliveries?
Yes, you can place your complete order for 3, 6 or 12 months, indicating the quantity that you would like to receive on each date.

6. Do we always have to pick up the merchandise at Nevsta or can it be delivered directly in our facilities?
Nevsta has partnerships with several transport companies so that you can receive your order at the best price in the market.

7. Nevsta sells only paper in reels or also in formats?
We can sell in reels with different widths and meters or in format.

8. What is the deadline?
It depends on the article. We have a permanent stock for some articles, thus ensuring immediate deliveries. We advise you to consult our
customer support service which will help in this regard.
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