Textile and Footwear

Textile and Footwear

Geometric Paper:
Paper with positioning references, used normally by customers who need to perform manual fabric cuttings, being therefore specifically used in the clothing sector. We sell this paper with or without thermal glue. Recycled paper is normally used due to its reduced usage specificity.

Perforated Kraft:
A type of paper used specifically for the automatic fabric cutting tables.

White plotter:
This is a type of paper greatly used on the drawing plotters of the fashion industry.

White plotter with glue:
A paper specific for use in semi-automatic cutting tables, with built-in thermal glue which allows it to attach to the fabric by action of heat, thus enabling the cutting. Due to the fact that this is an area that requires a huge reliability, our company works only with Premium
100% cellulose paper.

Often used in the textile industry for separating fabric. A paper used by our distribution network directed to the fashion industry, with grammages ranging from 20 to 45 gr.

It can be transformed for the mold sector of the fashion industry.

High Density Film:
A specific product for plotter automatic cutting machines, used in the textile industry. This product, when placed on top of the fabric,
allows the suction system of these machines to work, creating a block with the fabric, thus enabling the cutting.

Sulphite and Silk:
Greatly used in the footwear sector and textile industry, to wrap and protect articles
tablet adapted